Picked up an Onyx last night before the floor price absolutely rocketed. Really excited about Portals.
Had way too many beers the other night... ooft
I'm matching $ZEE staking... who wants some?
Sharing Specialty Coffee's Zap:

How good is sitting at a cafe and enjoying a delicious coffee?

Celebrate 30 Rock GIF by University of Alaska Fairbanks
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Would you use a portable NFT gallery on your smart phone?
What's happening today Zoints community? I need to mint!
gm... feeling super generous today. Who wants more $ZEE staked?
Getting the itch to mint again...
Willem Dafoe Smile GIF
Any gamers here? I'm currently playing the new Battlefield 2042.
I've created the Specialty Coffee community on Zoints. I've been in specialty coffee for over 13 years and would love to share my knowledge, plus discuss all things coffee within the Zoints community.
Also, gm.
Thoughts on brillcoffee.co being the first coffee shop on Zoints?
The "I'm not minting anything else for a few weeks" has been muttered again amongst the community. However, we still mint, and we are still gmi.
gm everyone!
Big day of degening hard into Neonexus, Solana Gecko Business, and work. I'll call it there and see you legends tomorrow.
I went through the Maccas drive-thru and bought a .75c cone.

We start by sourcing only specialty grade coffee from a direct trade coffee source, then we carefully roast the coffee and use state-of-the-art brewing equipment for the extraction.⁠ After brewing, the coffee is freeze-dried in a chemical free environment and hand...​

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Founder of Brill Coffee, the worlds best instant specialty coffee.
Join the Specialty Coffee community to discuss all things coffee.
I also buy expensive jpegs and get them printed for my home.

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