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Okay let's get serious y'all! I had a chance to showoff one my old drawing back in highschool on Discord the other day and received many loves from the Solanauts which I'm very appreciated. And I would love to hear from my Zoints fellows as well! It's been so long since I drew again but...
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Homie get spanked for being naughty but as the old saying goes, Spare the rod, spoil the child. 🙏

Working on an interesting project as I received many loves from the nauts on Discord. Will publish soon <3
Awesome night with the bois! I love you all ♥️

🏅Giveaway time!!!

I'll be giving away 5 invitation codes to the most talented Zoints creator.

Zoints has been a great place to show off my dance moves to you guys and I want you to showcase your best talents too!

In order to participate you need to:
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Dad ♥️
Dance with me guys. I will subscribe to the best dancer on this post

Q&A: Do you guys prefer cu or dai for a traditional Vietnamese breakfast comment below. I know @tuananhbc enjoy both
Who's got the moves?

What better way to celebrate my very first subscribers on Zoints (@David & @glamgreenmom Founders of Zoints) other than delivering one of my best dancing moves to you guys? Subscribe to my space for more dancing! I'm not a dancer btw.

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I'm not a dancer

The guy she told you not to worry about
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I'm not a dancer

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