Just a reminder to anyone who hasn't subscribed to /z/Giveaways yet, tomorrow we're doing our first weekly drawing. Five subscribers will win three invitations each, donated by the fine folks at Zoints.com.
DYOR, etc., but I'm minting frames!
First of 35 daily drawings for a 25M stake. With only 59 members right now, odds are incredibly good!

If you're not already subscribed to /z/giveaways, you're missing out!

These parasites are really incredible.

Free mint? Sure, I'll mint a few.

Minting a few bounty hunters tonight... (photo in comments)
I'm one subscriber away from the top 10 and I have 10,000,000 ZEE I need to stake. Hmmmm...
I've registered a few communities. Our first one to officially launch is going to be /z/giveaways. And we're staking 150,000,000 ZEE with our subscribers FOREVER. Details below, contest ends soon!

Whitelist is opening back up for The Neighborhood - one of the easiest to get on. (Just ask the bot, nothing to follow/retweet/like/etc.)

Flying off the shelves!

I like these Anybodies...


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