Lots of people on Zoints seem to be "Looking For Group"

#LFG #QuitIt #GetANewAcronym
So the Omicron variant of COVID19 is now a thing.
What is the defining characteristic of the greek letters yet to come?

I'll go first:

π (pi): Instead of taking away your taste/smell, EVERYTHING smells/tastes like pie, but it's a pie you don't like.
I'm trying to figure out how to do a patreon style tiered subscription thing. I might have to wait for Fillip to code it in.

But I'm thinking of giving out some 3d prints or something.... what do you all think?
I Ordered Chinese food for lunch, and asked for utensils.

They included 2 forks, which is great!

Not sure how I'm going to eat this soup, though.
Seems fitting right now.

Calling all GenXers! I've set up z/GenX where only the most excellent conversations are held! So take a chill pill, grab your flannel shirts, your Sony Walkmans, and your Pearl Jam/Nirvana/Guns 'N' Roses cassettes and head on over! No trippin'! It's hella gnarly, dudes!
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Wear a mask. Get vaccinated.

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