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Happy Turkey Day to those who celebrate!! I frankly think it's a horrible holiday with a xenophobic, racist, genocidal past and it's a bunch of bull shit. BUT for those who celebrate, have a fantastic day! Thanks for being a part of Zoints and checking out my creator space! Thankful for a lot...
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Emily Haines/Metric is a lifelong love for me. Rezz is a new love for me. Either way. So excited.
Oh my god. Anyone else a Rezz and/or Emily Haines/Metric fan? Because these photos are..... there are no words.
Hi everyone! Excited to be here! Just a huge nerd, mom, astronomer, writer, overall head in the clouds person.

Haven't quite decided entirely how/what I am going to use my personal creator space for yet. I have too many ideas. But maybe I can do all of them! Who knows!? suspense

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Dragon mom 🐉🔥 to Sagan Atlas✨💫💙 Sith, Firebender, Targaryen, Slytherin 🐍💚