I stake with people who contribute on z/foodporn, so if you're a little late to the party, that is a great way to get some zee... and we can chat food :)
Happy Thanksgiving, this year I'm extra grateful for all the wonderful people I've had the opportunity to meet in this space, as well as for Zoints!
Just a PSA: Subscribing and staking zee is how you get more Zee. Trust me you don't wanna just hodl it. Stake it all. Get more zee. Especially if I gave you an invite code XD
photo posting appears to be borked at the moment, it’s doing links? Was gonna share the wonderful bang up job American Airlines did on my laptop today. In other news anyone know where I can get a good cheap laptop?
In an attempt to get z/foodporn more active I’m going to be staking all of the zee I harvest every day with one random person who posts something in the channels there. That means every day someone new should get a hefty amount of zee staked with them just for posting in food porn.
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Glad to have all the new users coming in, come grow big with us
Man I am so tired after this week. But the grind continues ever onward

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Game night tonight with inlaws and then a weekend of grinding. Just that #nft life
Man, I'm so glad after an incredibly long day away from everything to come back to Zoints, this is such a great platform.
man i did not sleep well last night. and a two hour game of gartic didn't help XD
Got a cool community? Shill it to me, joining as many communities as i can the next 24 hours.
NGL, this has been a very exciting 24 hours in zoints. And now Shroomz is on zoints LFG
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I have created my first community... it is a food porn community. Please subscribe and enjoy.
Welcome to the judgezone(patent pending) with the name to be change as I decide whether or not I like something cheesy like that. If I'm feeling up to it I will absolutely post and share alpha that I find here.

IRL I'm a live events producer and a project manager/general manager with...
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