What topics do you guys want to see guides/tutorials on? Or, what features of Zoints did you find to be the most challenging to understand? Any input is welcomed! ❤️
Hey y'all - sorry I was offline for a bit - covid vax booster kicked my arse! Back and feeling (mostly) human again! ❤️
To those who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving! And even if you don't...
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Thank you all for making Zoints possible! Grateful for each and every one of you! 🥰
Your input matters! If you are a community owner, please see the very important poll @David posted at
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Namaste. We freaking love you all. 🙏 ❤️
Greetings, Zointslings! ❤️

I started a green living community - come be crunchy with me! 😁 🌏 ❤️
If you are working hard to build your community or creator space and need support - comment here ❤️
It is SO exciting to see everything coming together. We appreciate all of you being here and bearing with us as we experience any growing pains! Early adopters FTW! :love:

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So excited to start seeing people on here! :love: Please feel free to reach out if y'all have any questions as you are starting your creator space and/or community! Much love. ❤️

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