NEW CHANNEL: TFF - Transdimensional Fox Federation (by request)
- Happy Monday everyone, you can find the new channel in the NFTs section in my creator space (link). Check it out and feel free to share your thoughts as well! As always DYOR, and continue to let me know if there are...
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Thinking about creating a community space, any ideas? I do some very amateur photography I could to anything really
Happy Friday! Today's project I will discuss is Jelly Beasts!

I recently bought one 2 days ago for 0.8 sol. Supply is at 2505 and the original mint was 1.2 on 10/22. SO what is it? Jelly Beasts are 3D portable avatars. This has me really excited as they have mentioned that they are...
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Ended up with 22 Pixel Puffins, not expecting much from these but they are kinda cute and was a fun mint after all. My Puffin Collage
Update: OG link got sent out publicly, sold out before public mint even happened
Solana Troll Camp - mint in 8 mins

Supply: 1111
Cost: 0.5 Sol

Don't have much to go off here, just found out about it and mint is so soon, art is just okay. 100% of royalties go to a community wallet. DYOR/NFA. I...
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FYI - they set wrong price on initial mint so some people got charged, if that means you are out now I understand, I am going to give them a chance to fix it to free, refund the people and mint a few still

35 MINUTE WARNING - FREE MINT: Pixel Puffins - Minting a few

Supply: 7777
Cost: Free +...
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Welcome everyone! I look forward to joining this Zoints journey with everyone and will try to share my thoughts on NFTs (upcoming and current) in my Public Forum threads so check it out! I want to make this an inclusive space for everyone to share their ideas/thoughts/experiences and more...
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