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Does the NFT your buying have any utility?

I have been asking this question before making any purchases.

If you haven't noticed, the trend has shifted to projects that provide some type of utility, or anything that is not just a pfp, and they have been doing very well!

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Happy Turkey Day!

gobble gobble
I think I'm addicted to staking
gm zointoooors
Scam Pump - indeed it was.

Looking for 53k on btc.
Hmmmm.. Higher low? or scam pump off Jerome Powell news?
Started a bitcoin thread and my thoughts on the recent price action:
Solana is respecting my levels :cool:
Cross posting from /z/Trading
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I've been doing most of my trading posts in the Trading Community I created.

Might need to figure out a clean way to cross post 🤔

Don't want my personal creator page to look too barren...

Any suggestions welcome :)
Gm and happy Saturday friends
I may have overpaid for this

Shhh its okay🤣
Tomorrow I'm gonna start a "gm" zap and each and every one of you better say it back.
First Zap! Initial thoughts are... why can't I upload an image? seems I can only use links.

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