CryptoCribs could shake the SolStead! Here is their site : https://cryptocribs.ai/
FandongKongz 👀👀👀
So this morning Fenix Danjon, A Basic Ape and Komodo Dragonz are pumping. About Fenix Danjon I think pattern is tokenomics, small supply and diamond hand community which knows HODL.
As we develop more Im planning to share secret Discord and mint links throughout my Private Forum. Keep in touch if you are interested in DAO alpha related suggestions!
Today Im checking out Ducks Valley and Mutant Penguins mints. I would provide informations under this zap!
Anyone getting into Fenix Danjon minting. I heard their name from few DAO's. Utility and art looks nice but don't know much about community.
Due to low attraction to my 3 invite giveaway I will announce it 1 by 1. First winner is @pikniktupu ! Congrats, I hope you will invite someone loves to be in Zoints community!
3 Invite giveaway
Be active in my forums!
Stake more and send it's proof through my dm!
Good Luck Everyone!
Just got one Metakatz! Community looks promising 👀

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