1/ To me one of the biggest issues in the #solanaNFT space is total users and total amount of liquidity. Assuming adoption will come, how can we provide liquidity

Because why does one sell an NFT shortly after buying?

1) Flip for profit.
2) Need liquidity
3) Over-invested
4) Didn't...
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I'd much rather earn for my participation on social media than not.

Basically everything is going to P2E. So if you're here now you're a head of the curve.

Your job now is to provide content, engage with the community and be an advocate for this platform so we can grow it into something massive.
GM all,

I will be subbing back every new sub today with 1M $ZEE.

Limited number, but should be able to cover the next 20 subs.

Id prefer people who are just getting started who are looking to earn some extra zee.

lets get in the metaverse.
Happy Turkey Day!

I'm thankful for being able to be apart of this amazing community everyday!

What are you thankful for Zoints fam?

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Hey everyone do me a favor and give @bangerooo a follow/sub she's a digital artist who just joined Zoints today! 🔥
Staking 1M $ZEE with the next 10 ppl that sub to me!

EP 7 is out!

In this episode I will do a market analysis and cover Phantom wallet, Universal Music groups first digital band with BAYC, Zoints a new decentralized social media platform and Winklevoss brothers 7.1B evaluation.

Some of us are all going to make it.

If you enjoy what you do, don't stop doing it until it makes you money.

Sometimes success is right around the corner, you just don't pursue it long enough to know it.

Keep building 🤝
It might sound tacky, taboo, or downright cheesy, but we all need to do our best to tell at least 1 person about NFTs this holiday.

Don't say some non-sense about Non-fungible tokens, blah blah, metaverse... etc

Simply say you can 100x your lifesavings if you get in now... all in...
When you look your father in-law in the eyes on that faithful day, tell him…..


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If you can't handle the eb and flow of the markets...

you either don't belong here, or you need to learn to.

There is blood in the crypto markets! #BTC is sub 60k, and #NFTs are feeling the burn a little.

Total #SolanaNFT MC = $841M -3.4%

7 Day Vol = $30M -7.4%

Price of $SOL = $194 -9.4%

(Stats per Solanalysis)
Sharing Zoints's Zap:

A huge thank you to all you wonderful people who have joined Zoints as early adopters! This is a reminder that staking rewards will automatically start Thursday November 18th, 2021 at 09:00:00 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time). This is when you'll see...
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Total #solanaNFT MC = 1.16M +22%
7 Day Vol = 34M +19.3%
Price of $SOL = $241 +2.8%

See of green today!!!

This info is per @solanalysis - does not track every solNFT, just the most relevant atm.
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Listen to "Residency NFTs on Solana" by Millz ⚓

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