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If you're not following NFTs, you need to be!

Finally changed my PFP to my actual Solanauts NFT
Got about 10M $ZEE to throw out. Who's looking for extra staked $ZEE?
They just get better and better. #AnNFTaDayKeepsTheDegenAtBay

Pretty sick that these SolParasites just find a new host every day.
Grabbed some SGBs. Pretty dope.
I started this crypto journey late 2020 and the NFT game even later. It's fast paced, a bit treacherous at times, but the community is awesome. WAGMI, no doubt.

Adding some other contact data:

Discord: Mobius#7335
Twitter: mobius_one_one
Solanaut: 91 & 262
TowerDao: 415-11
Gm! Ask me about my Naut!

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Just here, still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
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|Discord: Mobius#7335|

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