I'm matching again! DM me with a screenshot of how much you staked and I'll match it!

(Limit yourselves to under 3M ZEE if you want to get matched within the day, though I'll still probably match you if you go over, it will likely take a week at most.)

Done matching! Thank you so much to...
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If you subscribe to me, DM me how much you staked and I'll match it! (Please don't go over 5 million unless you're alright with waiting for 2 days lmao.)

I'm done matching, at least for now, will do it again at a later date!
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Sharing AskZointz's Zap:

To fire start this community, z/AskZointz will be giving away 2 USDC to the first 5 people who post 2 threads (questions) and answer 2 threads (comments) in z/AskZointz and subscribe. Once you've done so, comment on this Zap with your Solana wallet address.
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Yow! If anybody has a community that they're passionate about, give me an elevator pitch here and I'll sub :)

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