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I still have 25 million ZEE i want to stake in the community. Tag yourself, your project our your favorite project!
check out onlyzoints for some fresh adult content!
100 million staked with 37 million left to stake...... SHILL ME DADDY
New post on OnlyZoints 😉
i have 5 million zee i wish to stake with you! tell me about yourself and i just might stake it all in you
Love the idea by @Millz. so im using it. Ill be subscribing back to everyone who subscribes to me with a 1 million subscribe back ;)
Sorry i was gone for 4 days! I was celebrating the weird American holiday Thanksgiving with my family
i have stake over 3million in everyone im subscribed to

good morning babes
for the community roles.... is it based off of subscription???
who should i subscribe to?
Goooood morning
have you guys seen angomons?
my first zoint ever

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