how's ur day going buds?
just discovered @cakes_capital 's community z/Young Adulting and i think this community is one most of us might need, so this is a shoutout to them =)
guys, do you believe in the law of attraction and the law of assumption and this stuff? i personally do, how about u?
this week i will sadly be posting once daily in z/Fashion because I'm studying for a very important exam, so whenever i'm not free to post on z/Fashion I'll be posting in the shitposting channel of my creator space to maintain my sanity. enjoy ✨
here's a cool thread about piercings! tell me what u think of it 💕
good morning, people of zoints dot com
shit's about to get real in z/Fashion y'all. I created a new category with 2 new channels. Stay tuned! 🍵
check this thread for women. in. suspenders.
Mommy GIF by Family Guy
will i get banned from zoints if i try looking for a sugar daddy here? just a thought 💀
Welcome back friends! : D I just finished a physics exam and I'm ready to treat u all, stay tuned! 💙💙
now listen, FORGET ABOUT EVERY OTHER THREAD I EVER CREATED AND LOOK. AT. THIS. Are you obsessed?? Tell me you are, I can't be the only one
shoutouts to @April Showers for staking 500k ZEEs 🥺❤❤ You're amazing!!
guys i posted a sandwich recipe in z/Cooking go ahead and check it out <33
once these exams stop testing my sanity (yes, not even my knowledge at this point) i have a big surprise for you guys!!
I finally created the first thread introducing an amazing ethical brand, Kotn. Go ahead and check it out in z/Fashion/SustainableFashion, and tell me what you think!
ladies, if u love suits, this thread is for you!

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