Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Just remember... WE. ARE. EARLY!
An explanation of Zee Staking on Zoints
I spent the morning looking for creators and communities who are putting out content. Content creators are the ones that will make Zoints grow and be successful. These are the people that I want to subscribe to and stake. Hit me up if I missed you.
Good morning Zoints World. I found a couple of communities to follow.

z/Movie Suggestions
z/Picture of trees

Go follow and subscribe!
Check out SolTreez. For every tree that was minted and every tree that is sold on the secondary markets, the team is planting 10 trees IRL through One Tree Planted.

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Every now and then I will post my drawings in my Art channel. I tend to draw with a pencil and black marker. Most of my artwork is in black and white.
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