Just posted a thread in the NFT community about the trend toward higher and higher project complexity as an attempt to engage holders and incentivize engagement. Would love to hear everyone's take:

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@April Showers is a new creator on Zoints who has some interesting channels for mental health, small dog ownership, and other types of diverse content that is fresh to the platform. She is offering a 1M stake to a limited number of new subscribers to her channel so go check it out...
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Boosting some of the great NFTs and communities I follow:

Minted six Phanbots this morning for 0.25. These are by the https://phantasia.app/ Phantasia fantasy sports app which seems to be getting a lot of traction in NFT communities. Quit a few discords I am in are running fantasy sports contests through Phantasia recently (Rox, Rogue Sharks...
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Found something pretty crazy just before bed tonight.

Bought a couple of https://www.magiceden.io/marketplace/og_flowers as a result. Check it out, you might be as impressed as I was.
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I'm deep into Sol Parasites lately and can't stop trying different mutations. JustAce created a good spot to look at and talk about these so check it out if you love parasitic organisms as much as I do:

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Steak for dinner

That's it, that's the zap

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NFT and crypto enthusiast. Rich in jpegs, poor in all else.

Let's change the world.

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