Big fan of the Photo Finish game and team...

Looks like it could become big business moreso than a game.

Just released their breeding tool today...

Sheesh. Bullish.
The most important task all of us have right now is sharing with our friends the game changing capabilities that Zoints has.

The staking model is unlike anything ever before for a social media platform.

Creators and 'fans' can both earn! No 'middleman' like Youtube or other hosting platforms...
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GM everyone!

Anyone collecting art from 1/1 artists?

Have a favorite type of art? Modern / Contemporary / Abstract, etc.?
Have stopped watching market prices every other hour about 2 months ago…

Down to about just the morning…

Now just accumulate as much as possible with a 10 year time horizon so short term price action means nothing in big picture!
Thankful to everyone trying to make Zoints a better place! LFG! 🚀
Here's a great discussion on the use of DAOs...

The Commish does not find them particularly efficient or dynamic at the moment, but things can change...

Some thoughts for you to chew on:

Ok new contest!

The answer was DCLBlogger... Matty!

New question for the 6,000,000 ZEE... WHAT MONTH/YEAR was the Commish's first NFT purchase?
SO FAR, NO ONE has correctly guessed the person who introduced the Commish to NFTs...

ALL guesses are wiped clean! The next person who guesses correctly will get SIX million (6,000,000) $ZEE for a correct answer, and yes you can spam answer...

FIRST one wins!
ALRIGHT 100 subscribers!!!

NFT Trivia for 5,000,000 $ZEE airdrop!!!

24 hours to answer the below question to win!

WHO is the first person on Youtube to introduce @TheCommish to NFTs???

First person to answer correctly wins! MAX 2 entries per Anon!

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2 more subscribers to 100, then we'll do a little trivia for the 5milly ZEE.

Definitely going to be NFT trivia, let's see who has the most knowledge...
5 more subscribers... will send 5 million $ZEE to someone...
GM ALL! Beautiful day to be inspired to create and build!!!
10 more subscribers to 100! Let's go!
GM! Everyone!

An interesting trend in Solana NFTs right now is watching creators pivot from PFP projects to projects that interact with existing NFTs.

Whether it's parasites, or metaverses, or more...

Love to see the evolution and just reinforces the fact that there is still so much more...
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When the Commish thinks about NFTs...

The visual analogy that always comes to mind is an Olympic sized swimming pool.

There are many swim lanes within the pool.

Each of those swim lanes represents a different use case for NFTs.

Art, Memberships, Gaming, Real estate, etc...

It's likely that...
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Happy Friday everyone.

If you are here, you are early.

Start creating, ANYTHING you are interested in... start now!

We are ridiculously early and before you know it, we will be late.

Don't let an opportunity like this pass you by.
@centi @Jcal and @TheCommish take GREAT pride in bringing an original take on NFTs to the table.

Solana Anonymous is really starting to come together and honestly, THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT on any chain. It's really a dynamite collection and believe it will have staying power...
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Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is the best fast food item on the market.

Fuel for builders.
Made a Twitter yesterday.

Won't use it that much, but was inspired after talking to a friend yesterday.

Thinking even bigger than before, planting seeds to grow for the future...

Just linked it: @thecommish21

Give it a follow!

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