My mints from Mystic Girls Club were revealed today... very pleased with the outcome!
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Just took my girls out to get our Christmas tree! 'Tis the season!!! 🎄
Has anyone looked at Mystic Girls Club? Public mint starts in an hour or so. WLers bought about 1400 of the 4444 supply. I picked up 6 myself. Cute art and their roadmap looks decent. Lots of very strong engagement in their discord, too.
Wow. Just realized I joined Zoints exactly 1 week ago. Has it only been a week???
Latest parasite transform posted here.
Can you imagine a wolf morphing into 4 birds?
Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. friends! Everyone else, have a glorious Thursday!
So many great people here on Zoints. I'm having a blast interacting with you all, seeing this thing grow, and making new friends. So much potential here, let's blow it up!!!
Just a few more hours until my Thanksgiving holiday begins... so ready!
Got some ZEE to burn. Looking for ACTIVE users to subscribe to... ones that might want to subscribe back when they can???
Woke up to another turtle parasite this morning.

Just created the Other Worlds Science Fiction and Fantasy community.
Casual space to discuss some of our favorite books, movies, shows, games, etc. in that genre.
Please check it out and help me get it going if you're interested.
Thanks, Zoints fam!
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My first Sol Parasite transform. Think it goes with this Toasty Turt, but not completely sure.

GM everyone!
Any late night Zointers out there? Or early morning or whatever, depending on time zone? GM!
Just picked up a Sol Parasite. Excited to see the transforms in my wallet. Such a cool idea.Parasite5485small.jpg


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There are so many animals in the NFT space. What animals are you surprised there aren't MORE of?
Hello! Zapping my first Zap. Is anyone receiving?

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