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Great work guys 🙌
To make it even more interesting, there will be a leaderboard maintained monthly.

The top 3 on the leaderboard gets some additional $ZEE 🤑 staked on them:
1st Place: 5 M $ZEE
2nd Place: 3 M $ZEE
3rd Place: 1 M $ZEE

Rank for the monthly leaderboard will be calculated by...
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Read this before the competition 👇👇
I'll be uploading questions for the following sections from time to time:

1. Data Structures & Algorithms
2. Competitive Programming

Starting 29th November:-
For each question, I'll be staking 1 M $ZEE to the first person to give the correct answer 🔥

Don't forget to Subscribe.
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I have added various sections to the creator space.

1. Data Structures & Algorithms
2. Competitive Programming
3. Web Development
4. Blockchain Development
5. Avengers
6. Cryptocurrency
7. Finance

Do check them out.
I'm falling in love with this platform ❤️💰
What makes Zoints so unique? 🤔

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