Hey - some free crypto giveaway - every click gives me 10 NFTSEA(NS) and then you can get a referral code to do to the same - website says intended price is 0.0001 eth (10,000 NS - 1 ETH) - seems worth :D DYOR :D
Next 5 subs to my community space can get 1 million steak bonus - just DM after you sub :)
I have started a running list of anyone who subbed to me or trees - will sub back to everyone :) just may not be right away
Currently able to do about 4-5 subs a day - if I told you I was subbing I will get there as soon as possible!!!
I made a million zee well I slept last night - I may like this Zoints thing :)
I am all out of Zee at the moment - but will have plenty more by tomorrow ! if you sub to me or my tree community I will sub back ❤️
Welcome to the channel :) guess ill tell people what nft's I am thinking about minting or something haha just happy to be here :D
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NFT / Crypto trader full time - almost completely by accident :D
DM if you are new and I will give you a steak sub !

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