Rain every night
Weekend effect all main coin is red
Why we have to compete each other if at the end, only selected one will get the chance and the other mad or jealous of not gettin a chance to show off them self. we just have to compare our ability and let it go, have to support each other
Playing Game
Coming Soon, a story about The 9 unknown forbidden book and their Holder
once every month, please try to barefoot and stand on the soil, close your eyes, take a deep slow breath, and feel the air flow through your body, do it for 10-15 minute at least once every month, and feel the different on your life
fastest answer get SOL

paste your answer and your wallet
Let's Build a solid community through Zoints together.
i will be more often writing about Lemurian, Ancient Civilization, Space and even Alien overhere
It's time to meditate, while late midnight, less sound,less distraction.
Nice to meet you guys, it's my first time coming to Zoints world, wish you all good luck

About me

Hello there, nice to meet you. i am a crypto freaks and also currently i worked as Energy Healer Practitioner, BetaUFO writer and Lemurian Heritage Activist and Story Teller

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