Another successful play on our Alpha channel with Turnt Up Tikis! Currently at 2 SOL floor, 4X mint price in less than an hour! Still a great entry IMO
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Stoned Ape Crew's floor is at almost 4 SOL! That's 6X if you picked it up on Sat in our Subscriber Alpha Channel just from floor price!
Another profitable mint day with Jambo Mambo and Stoned Ape Crew, congrats to all subscribers who got some serious alpha dropped on them. Couple of good mints coming up the next few days, don't sleep on them if you missed these two today!
Congrats to our Alpha subscribers who knew about the Komodo Dragonz and profited 300-800% within minutes post mint! Subscribe to our community for more daily alpha drops.
Hey Alpha Fam! Just did a alpha drop on an upcoming mint that's about to happen in 10 mins! Go grab the info in Upcoming Mints
Diamond DAO just launched a stealth mint, minting address in Upcoming Mints
All our Alpha Mints for Solana based projects have been posted for today in the Upcoming Mints channel, subscribe to check them out!
New Whitelist info at: Whitelist
(for subscribers only)
Congrats to all the Subscribers who picked up an Angomon! We dropped this alpha yesterday at Angomon post and anyone who picked one up will have already doubled up if they sold. Expecting big things from these guys!
ThugMonkez just released a surprise token drop, more details in our PFP Channel
Fluffy Heads mint is live, here's the mint link:

Heads up that 2 of the 3 mints we dropped in Upcoming Mints are minting in 15 mins! Go get that Alpha!!!
Hey Alpha Fam! Make sure you check the Upcoming Mints Channel daily as we drop alpha projects that are minting for you to get the jump on them. Also been dropping a lot of content into the other categories, always remember to DYOR but at least we're trying to point you in the right direction!
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Welcome to the Alpha Community, check the various channels below for blockchain specific alpha on upcoming/current NFT projects
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