A new channel has been added named ExplainSimply. Here you may ask about concepts that you don't understand to be explained to you in a simple manner, similar to r/ELI5
To fire start this community, z/AskZointz will be giving away 2 USDC to the first 5 people who post 2 threads (questions) and answer 2 threads (comments) in z/AskZointz and subscribe. Once you've done so, comment on this Zap with your Solana wallet address.

The giveaway is done! Thank you...
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Feel free to suggest any channels that can be added onto this community! Anything from askfood to askscience! I'll use the replies to this Zap to gauge the demand and see what channels will be put up for the community!
Welcome to z/AskZointz! The community to ask and answer questions, stupid or thought-provoking, general or specific, scientific or speculative, every question is welcomed with open arms!


z/AskZointz is a community that seeks to ask and answer questions, whether thought-provoking or stupid, simple or complex, specific or general, all questions are welcomed on z/AskZointz!

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