Daily drawing time! 25 million ZEE stake goes to...


I hope the rewawrds from it are enough for you to buy a name! :D
Just a reminder that you need to be subscribed to both /z/giveways AND /u/curator-sol to qualify for drawings.
I'm super excited to announce our new giveaway is going to include over 1,000,000,000 (that's right billion!) ZEE in staking rewards! Here's what we've got:
  • Daily drawings for 25M ZEE staking (11/26-12/31)
  • Weekly drawings for five of you to receive three bonus invites each...
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Congratulations to @Kirby, who just won a 100,000,000 stake as part of our new event! Details will be posted in the next zap.
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Actually, I won't keep you waiting. We'll pull 10 winners, verify as many as we can, and send out the rewards. I'll also draw some alternates, in case someone fails verification.

Good luck, everyone! Next zap will have the winners list!
Contest window is now closed. We have 42, possibly 43 subscribers. We're going to wait for verification on that 43rd one and then do the drawing shortly.
If you have extra to stake and want someone to match it, now's your chance!

(Note: this is not provided by us, we're just rezapping a subscriber to our community.)
LAST CALL - just over an hour left before we close the big staking contest and draw names!
Staking 2,000,000 to each of the first three people to respond to this with a comment. (Must be subscribed to /z/giveaways and /u/creator-sol to qualify.)

Open to all - must have no purchase, ownership, or other requirement limiting the scope of the giveaway. Requirements that simply require social interactions (such as a retweet) are permitted here.

Restricted - these may require you to purchase something, own a token, live...
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To kick off our awesome new community, we're staking 160,000,000 ZEE with our subscribers! Rules below.

Starts: Immediately
Ends: November 23, 20:00 UTC
Requirements: Be subscribed to /z/giveaways and /u/curator-sol (that's it!)
Prizes: 10
Method: Random Draw

🥇 (1 winner) - 50...
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1st Annual Grand SweepSTAKES running now! Daily prizes through the end of the year.

We 💕 giveaways! Subscribe to be eligible for our giveaways, or just peruse the forums for other giveaways.

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