Grim Syndicate Grim Syndicate

Time's running out to get in on our first airdrop • 1 Grim = 1 workshop ingredient • First snapshot Nov. 20th-22nd (delist!) • Get a Grim on

Take a cosmic journey with us to learn more about what new horizons await you with the Grim Syndicate. Prepare yourself for Lordrym's Workshop.

Make sure to have your sound ON!

A deal has been struck with Lordrym. The first snapshot will be November 20th - 22nd.

A few details for our upcoming Lordrym's Workshop airdrop:

💀1 airdrop per grim
🧪ingredients will have future utility
✨there will be a rarity system
👹phase 1 will happen soon, before the Lurkers of the Abyss airdrop

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A universe of 10,000 Reaper Agents unfolding on Solana. To join, find your grim on a marketplace here