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1/ To me one of the biggest issues in the #solanaNFT space is total users and total amount of liquidity. Assuming adoption will come, how can we provide liquidity

Because why does one sell an NFT shortly after buying?

1) Flip for profit.
2) Need liquidity...
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The Solanauts are hosting a ZEE giveaway today!

Go check them out!
Sharing Travel's Zap:

Fun article and info on the upcoming Art Basel Event in Miami Beach, FL just posted to Crypto Events under Events / Gatherings.
The most important task all of us have right now is sharing with our friends the game changing capabilities that Zoints has.

The staking model is unlike anything ever before for a social media platform.

Creators and 'fans' can both earn! No 'middleman' like Youtube or other hosting platforms...
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New collection alert for December!

Solana Anonymous! "The Anons"

19 more subscribers until a 10,000,000 ZEE giveaway!
The @Surging Bulls have released their merch store!

We will see more and more NFT brands try and integrate themselves into IRL opportunities and this only leads to more crypto adoption!

Here the link to their Zoints post:
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Friendly reminder NOT to forgot to keep stacking SATs!!!

Do not forget! 30 more subscribers until 200!

Once we eclipse 200... 10,000,000 ZEE airdrop to a winner's wallet!

We'll do a 24 hour contest!
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Have you all seen that the Tower has included a SOL + ETH NFT viewing gallery for your room? First project on Solana (that we know of) to try and incorporate cross chain branding elements!

New innovation every single week!
If you love Doggos... check out @Mountainsnake 's Canine Companions thread!

Let's see some good boys and good girls!
Black Friday discounts on Crypto and NFTs!!!

Now is the best time to deploy z fiat! (Or if we go lower, even better time :))

What's one NFT you wish you had but don't that is currently within your price tolerance?
Here is a problem many of you are facing...

What are your thoughts?

To our American friends... Happy Thanksgiving!

To our Non-American friends... Happy Thanksgiving!
'Feels like' NFTs will be the Rolexes, the Bentleys, the Gucci's, the Prada's, the etc...

IRL flexing is clearly dying a slow death, but they don't know it yet...

As crypto continues to devour more and more market share, digital flexing will be the 'in-demand' items of the future. It already...
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More content for those just learning about NFTs!!!

Here is Johnny, with over 3.3Million views explaining NFTs!

Definitely worth the watch if you are interested!



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