The Giveaway contest has been posted in the Giveaway channel!

You must be subscribed to this community to have access and you MUST be able to prove you own a Solanaut or a Launch Pass to participate!

Winners picked tomorrow for a total of 15,000,000 ZEE!!!
Sharing Millz's Zap:

GM all,

I will be subbing back every new sub today with 1M $ZEE.

Limited number, but should be able to cover the next 20 subs.

Id prefer people who are just getting started who are looking to earn some extra zee.
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Tomorrow is our first monthly GIVEAWAY! The first of the month... every month!

Tomorrow's details:
-10M $ZEE airdrop for anyone with a Solanaut
-5M $ZEE airdrop for anyone with a Launch Pass

If you don't have either and want to join our community... the links are posted to the left!

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The most important task all of us have right now is sharing with our friends the game changing capabilities that Zoints has.

The staking model is unlike anything ever before for a social media platform.

Creators and 'fans' can both earn! No 'middleman' like Youtube or other hosting platforms...
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Starting in December!!! The first of every month!!

We will giveaway 10,000,000 ZEE to someone with a Solanaut who wins trivia
We will giveaway 5,000,000 ZEE to someone with a Launch Pass who wins trivia

We will do this for a while to gain some momentum and give back to the community who is...
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Have 15M ZEE to stake...

Looking to support content creators...

Who wants it? You must be active and contributing to the Zoints ecosystem!

Thankful for almost 200 subscribers!! Incredible!!

The moon is only the first stop! 👩‍🚀🚀
GM! We have partnered with NFT brand 'Geoms' to give away 15 of their NFTs (twitter:

The team makes beautiful geometric patterned NFTs and we thought they would be great for our Launch Pass holders!

Head over to NFT Marketplaces Magic Eden or Exchange.Art...
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Go give our parent company: Zero G Labs

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We will be posting ALL of the Zero G updates there as well as supporting messages here.
Made some updates to the page... easy access to our information and quick links to the marketplaces we are listed on!
Make sure to check out our Solanaut Sunday Update today!

We announced ANOTHER AMAZING 1/1 Artist airdrop for our Naut holders!!!
Dropping a new collab tomorrow.... stay tuned!
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We just posted our 2 month anniversary recap on twitter!

Pretty wild for @Jcal @centi and @TheCommish to think it's only been 2 months since launch.

A lot has happened and a lot more is happening! Exciting times on Solana!

Here is the tweet:
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Every Solanaut Sunday, we will be posting content here updating everyone on what we have accomplished, what we are working on as well as our thoughts and insights on current events!

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An NFT community of degens wandering the universe! The moon is only the first stop!