hi mates! just want to share this very useful tip on increasing your Zoints staking rewards.

1) see the amount of ZEE you have at the top of your screen? the number next to settings/mail/notifications
2) when u click on it u will be able to see "My Subscriptions" and a full list of all...
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do u guys think 1.5mil ZEE is a good amount? should i raise/drop this number? :p

I have got 3 Zoints invitation codes to give out! Subscribe to any one of my communities and create three threads for a chance to win the codes! :D

Draw happening in 24 hours!!!
Steaks reduced to 1,500,000 ZEE a piece!
Got that extra ZEE lying around unused and not earning delicious staking rewards?

You're in the right place!

Steaks are 5,000,000 ZEE a piece :)


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