Besides the usual giveaways, we are also looking to share moments with our community, though small stuff that brings us joy.

Join our discord, and check the #giveaway channel for more info.

GM frens
Be safe out there.

While Solana is the most welcoming & warm community, scammers will be on the watch to trick you.

They are well skilled in what they do, so remember to triple-check everything.

  1. Do not click any links you don't know and send via DMs
  2. Make sure you use a burner wallet...
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A new Solana Legend will be released today.

Who do you think it is?

We bringing in the best routines to Zoints!

Lets get a GM rolling guys!
Exclusive sneak-peaks on Zoints.


Cyber Monday is close, save the date.
Comment on a product idea that needs some liquidity to see the light of day, If we like it we will give out an award and make it come to a reality

Build, accumulate, build. That is the formula. Bring in value always in what you do. Seek for better
Bullish on Zoints! We will be putting out regular updates on the Bulls here, and randomly dissecting our thoughts on new stuff happening in the ecosystem.



A community of Bulls building Alpha together. Together We Are Stronger

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