$BTC staying range bound for now, just bouncing off my lines.

Should I delete a line and see if it can move past? 🤣
Been sharing ideas lately, however, conviction has been low so I haven't been sharing my trades.

Mostly because lately I am in and out of trades fast trying to manage my risk and not take drawdowns.
Bottom may have formed.

My levels might have got front-ran.

It's still too early to tell. I'll be watching 👀
Edit: This idea has been invalidated, looks like if goes higher. I expect people to short on any weakness at the levels / resistance I have marked out. 59.2k next.

Could see this play out, reclaim 56.8k level and this idea is invalidated.

Taking the elevator up for once here...
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While I think we go a bit lower in the short term, I am still macro bullish.

Check out this short video from Ted! He is a solid follow 👌

Been looking at meme coins lately.

They definitely have more risk involved, but potential rewards are insane if you hit it right. (I did a 28x on $woof a few weeks back!)

Checkout the memecoin channel if you would like to have any discussions / suggestions or follow along!
AVAX ecosystem is pumping.

If history repeats itself, people will rotate into the Solana ecosystem next.
Market is bouncing today.

The altcoins I have been trading are up > 10%

My thoughts this morning:

is this going to be sustained, or just some relief before btc reaches lower supports? We are heading into the weekend, which tend to be lower in volume. Either way, I'm in some alts for now and...
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Bloody last few days in the market...

Here are some levels below I'm eyeing.

I expect a bounce / reaction between 50k - 53k. (chart below)

Lets See
Hey Traders! I will get the categories / channels sorted.

Feel free to share anything or ask any questions!


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