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GM Creators! You can manage your notifications like "Alerts" and Emails via the account preferences section of Zoints. Simply go to the Settings icon at the top and then to "Preferences" or click here.
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Hear ye, hear ye beautiful Creators! If you have a Z Score of 3 or higher, you now have 3 more invites to share with others. Remember, you receive 5% of the staking rewards for anyone you invite, so choose wisely!
Staking rewards for subscribing with Creators and Communities has successfully commenced on Zoints and the Solana blockchain. This ushers in the era of Patronage 2.0 where you can support Creators and Communities and also benefit via split token rewards.

If you hover over your $ZEE total at...
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Staking rewards start in two hours from the time of this Zap! That means if you have subscribers, have subscribed to others, or invited someone who will earn staking rewards, your $ZEE total will start to go up. Enjoy!
Greetings Creators! We wanted to invite you to share your /z/communities and /z/Creator-Space in the introductions community once you've customized them a bit. And by all means, visit Introductions to find new Creators and Communities to support!

That you can see all the newest Communities on Zoints by going to the Communities dropdown menu at the top of the screen and selecting Newest Communities? Explore and support these new Community Owners!
Hi beautiful people. If you have a Z Score of 1 or more meaning you made at least 1 post on Zoints, you now have two invites you can use to invite friends! When they signup you receive 5% of their staking rewards, so choose wisely! You want to invite people who will become good contributors to...
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Hello amazing friends. The next invite system reward tier has been hit and new invitees now receive 10 million $ZEE instead of 50 million ZEE. Additional tiers in the coming two weeks will lower this number further until we no longer reward $ZEE for signing up and remove the invite...
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A huge thank you to all you wonderful people who have joined Zoints as early adopters! This is a reminder that staking rewards will automatically start Thursday November 18th, 2021 at 09:00:00 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time). This is when you'll see your $ZEE total start to increase.
Zoints is launching Monday, November 15th!



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